Mariah Believes

At the Core, we want the same things. We want safe communities, where are children can grow up to have better opportunities than we had. We want a fair and honest economy where workers are treated with dignity and employers can experience healthy growth. We want to know that we can take care of our families if someone gets sick because we shouldn’t be healthier because we are wealthier. And at the end of the day, if we make good decisions for our families and communities, we will thrive.

Mariah has lived her life serving her community as a teacher and volunteer. She comes from a long line of public servants - it runs in her family. She believes the best leaders are those who have a heart for service. Whether working to improve opportunities for children, protecting the environment, or volunteering with Veterans, Mariah leads by example.
From Spring Hill to Spring City, Mariah believes all people deserve an equal opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That is why she believes public education and healthcare are foundations of successful communities. Mariah will ensure the ideals will be maintained through legislation that supports those values.
Mariah knows that government works best when decision makers are values driven and focused on solving our real world problems. In business or education, Mariah has always been a change-agent, finding effective and efficient ways to get things done with win-win solutions.
Mariah believes every voice is important and every vote counts. That why she makes voting and voter registration an important part of her life. She votes regularly and brings others to the polls. Mariah believes voting is the most important form of activism you can do for your community.
As someone who has studied and taught how government works, she knows it is not working the way it is supposed to. There is no greater problem then the divisive rhetoric that surrounds our current political discourse. And it has an impact back home, damaging our families and our friendships. Our communities are stronger when we stop focusing on separation and division and find areas where we have common ground.
The United States has been called the great American Experiment. This experiment will only work when the participants are engaged in the process and we elect leaders who we can trust. Too many people feel like government doesn’t speak for them or care about their needs. We deserve leaders who are able to speak truthfully who have a moral compass.