Rachel Held Evans, Faith Advisor to President Obama, Endorses Mariah Phillips

Dayton, TN – Rachel Held Evans, a former faith advisor to President Obama and best selling author from Dayton, TN, endorsed Mariah Phillips in her campaign for Congress in Tennessee’s 4th District.

“The people of Tennessee’s 4th District deserve someone who will go to work for them every day and represent their interests with integrity, which is why I endorse Mariah Phillips for Congress. Watching Mariah, a schoolteacher and mother of five, travel across the district for months, learning everything she can about what’s important to its citizens, has convinced me she has what it takes to reach across the aisle and actually get something done in Washington,” Evans said.

Evans served on President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and has written New York Times bestselling books focused on her faith.

“As a person of faith for whom the value of life and the protection of human rights is of utmost importance, I believe Mariah has the personal integrity it takes to address the most pressing moral issues of our time in a practical and consistent way,” added Evans.

Phillips said of Evans endorsement, “Rachel has been inspiration for many people across the 4th District through her writing and service in the Obama administration. She sets a great example for our youth of what they can accomplish if they set their sights high. I’m very proud to have her support.”

Read Evans full statement here.