Mariah Phillips Outraises DesJarlais For The Second Consecutive Quarter

Phillips raised $20,000 more than the 4-term incumbent

MURFREESBORO, TN – Mariah Phillips, a public school teacher and candidate for Congress in Tennessee’s 4th District, raised over $76,000 in Q2, bringing her total fundraising to nearly $300,000. The 4-term incumbent, Scott DesJarlais, raised just over $55,000 in the same time period. In total, 1,373 people have made 2,923 individual contributions to the Phillips campaign.

“People in the 4th District are ready for a change and we’re seeing that in the level of grassroots support. As a public school teacher, I’m so grateful to everyone who has invested in this campaign, and to everyone who has volunteered,” Phillips said of her fundraising haul.

The Phillips campaign has gained momentum in recent weeks gaining high profile endorsements from the Tennessee AFL-CIO; Rachel Held Evans, a local author and former faith advisor to President Obama; and former 8-term Congressman Bob Clement.