Rep. DesJarlais Supports Policies That Hurt 4th District Families

“America First Policy” Panelists should have to explain the terrible results in TN

MURFREESBORO, TN – As Rep. Scott DesJarlais  participates in a panel with Vice President Pence and other Tennessee members of Congress, Mariah Phillips, a public school teacher and candidate for the 4th Congressional District, released the following statement:

“Tennessee families in the 4th District have been dealing with the fallout from the policies Rep. DesJarlais and Vice President Pence support for years. They have seen rural communities suffer from hospitals closures, seniors on fixed incomes struggle with rising costs, veterans waiting for care because of cuts to the VA, and our young people move away for better opportunities. What they don’t see is Rep. DesJarlais in their cities in towns learning about the challenges they face. He spends most of his time with politicians in Washington while his constituents grow more and more frustrated with a Congress incapable of doing anything to improve their lives. It’s time for new leadership in Washington.”